Often times emulated but never duplicated, Tommy’s style is a shining lighthouse in a rough storm. An animal in the streets and a champion on the ropes.

Maybe it’s his height, maybe it’s the fact that he’s really good. Whatever it is, Riley makes the gnarliest spots look like a piece of cake.

Mountaineer, scholar, Freeride World Tour champion, and a ninja on the snowboard, Nils goes full mental with anything he puts his mind to.

Hans scratches his back with his snowboard while grabbing mid-flight, and he eats backcountry wedges for breakfast. A real mountain-man by our standards.

Courtney Dauwalter is an Ultra Running queen, a nacho lover, and the individual responsible for changing women’s fashion in the trail running scene. She grew up in Minnesota playing all sorts of sports but fell in love with running and cross-country skiing. She loved that if you work hard and stick with it, you feel better and can go faster and farther. Once she found the ultra running world, these facts became even more apparent! She now lives in Colorado and gets to train on beautiful trails every day. Courtney is a humble and amazing person who does incredible things. Perhaps most notably, she won the Western States in 2018 and the UTMB in 2019. She sets herself crazy challenges like attempting to run 500 miles in the summer of 2020 on the Colorado Trail or running 24 hours straight on the track. In 2020 she was the American champion of the Big’s Backyard, completing 283.33 miles in 68 hours.

Jessie Diggins has achieved what North American skiers were dreaming of for the last three decades. The skier from Afton, Minnesota has ticked almost all her bucket list: Olympic gold medalist, World Champion, Overall and Distance World Cup standing winner, Tour de Ski Winner… she has it all. When she’s showing sparkles on her cheeks at a race start, you know that nothing can stop her. Always smiling, dedicated, she is inspiring a full generation of young athletes who want to achieve their dream. She decided to write a book “Brave Enough” to share her experience with her community and beyond, helping people to understand the journey to come from a Midwest kid to a world class athlete. Going through her physical and psychological training, how she fought against eating disorders, she aims at giving confidence to the readers, letting them believe that they can do it, they are brave enough!

Big jumps, roof-drops, triple kinks – nothing is safe during a Hale storm.

Gassed-up and ready for boarding at all times, Robby brings original style and a seemingly endless bag of tricks, making every morsel of footage a treat. Watch out for this one.