Swiss freestyle skier Nico Vuignier is no stranger to competitions like Red Bull’s Line Catcher (which he won in 2015) and the Freeride World Tour. With a creative eye Nico views the mountains differently, stretching our imaginations with his clever, mind-bending edits.

Maude is a high-level athlete and mother of two. She finds the perfect life balance through her sports and family time. Maude is fairly new to the trail running scene, but her entry into the scene in 2019 was record-shattering, breaking two world records, one in Sierre-Zinal and then the Pikes Peak Marathon. She would have also won the 2019 Golden Trail World Series if it weren’t for a course error. In 2020, she came back for a rematch and won the Golden Trail Championship. It should be said, Maude also loves the road and set a time of 2:30:41 in the Seville marathon in 2020. She could qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

Loose, laid-back, and always in flow state. Max may not appear to have a plan, but when he straps in it all comes together magnificently.

Rémi, the small Swiss man, is the team’s red polka dot jersey. This talented climber has a record of less than 30 minutes on the vertical kilometer in La Fouly as well as the title of best climber at the 2020 Golden Trail Championship. He is one of the youngest and most efficient runners in short and medium distances at an international level, finishing in the top 10 of the Golden Trail World Series in 2018, 2019, and 2020.