Bartlomiej Przedwojewski, a Polish man with an unpronounceable name that everyone ultimately calls “Bart,” is a war machine with a big heart. Bart joined the international team in 2019 and performed exceptionally well during the 2020 Golden Trail Championship in the Azores, winning hands down over an unprecedented and elite field. He is a fighter and a warrior with an iron will. As well as being a trail runner, he is a trained firefighter, and lives to save lives.

‘Beth is a Lake District based trail runner and paediatrician. She grew up in the South-West of England playing all kinds of sports, but gravitated running after finishing university. She’s gradually migrated further north to be closest to big mountains, where she is happiest. In trail running, she likes the long stuff – 100k races minimum! More recently, due to some injury setbacks, she’s dabbled in ultra-cycling, but hopes to be hitting the trails again soon. With whatever time is left between work and training, she enjoys taming her garden, growing veggies and hanging out with her trail dogs, Red & Dingo

Camille is the quintessential cool girl. She’s calm, collected, and has a motor that won’t quit. Originally from Saint-Etienne, she actually started her journey with Team Salomon in Réunion where she lived for a few years. After making a name for herself there by winning La Mascareignes in 2016 and the Bourbon Trail in 2017, she made history in style by securing 5th place in the mythical Diagonale des Fous in 2018. On her return to the continent, she joined the boys of Team Salomon France. In 2019 she won 3rd place in the CCC and in 2020 a top 10 finish in the Golden Trail Championship, a short format which isn’t even her specialty. In 2021, she’ll naturally be strengthening the international team with her athleticism and her smile!

Courtney Dauwalter is an Ultra Running queen, a nacho lover, and the individual responsible for changing women’s fashion in the trail running scene. She grew up in Minnesota playing all sorts of sports but fell in love with running and cross-country skiing. She loved that if you work hard and stick with it, you feel better and can go faster and farther. Once she found the ultra running world, these facts became even more apparent! She now lives in Colorado and gets to train on beautiful trails every day. Courtney is a humble and amazing person who does incredible things. Perhaps most notably, she won the Western States in 2018 and the UTMB in 2019. She sets herself crazy challenges like attempting to run 500 miles in the summer of 2020 on the Colorado Trail or running 24 hours straight on the track. In 2020 she was the American champion of the Big’s Backyard, completing 283.33 miles in 68 hours.

A real rocket on trails and skis, a great Pizzaiolo who loves cheese and lives in the middle of a national park – The young Italian Davide Magnini is a (rock)star that has already risen… He was born in Vermiglio, close to Adamello-Presanella park. He grew up in a family of workers, from his grandfather he learnt how to harvest hay and from his dad how to sell sport products in his shop where he still works. Following his dad’s footsteps, he started with cross-country skiing, then nordic combined and finally he dedicated himself to ski mountaineering. In summers, he used to climb, hike and run in the mountains Around 13-14 years, he started competiting on vertical kilometers (VK) and in 2015 he joined the Salomon Running Academy. A full week organized by the brand to discover new talents. Since then he integrated the Future International Team and he is now in the international team representing Salomon best of the best runners.

François is a winemaker, physio and father of three. He is internationally recognized as being one of the best ultra trail runners, having won some of the most famous races out there. He is an adventurer who is quick to gather friends around him to set new records on the GR20 and the John Muir Trail to name a few. He splits his time living between the Alps and Beaujolais which allows him to satisfy all his sporting passions.

Plant-based Aussie who loves to run long days, travel the world, look people in the eye, share a smile and live my life.

Very sporty since she was a child, Malen competed in football and swimming from the age of 10. She inherited her love for the mountains from her parents and has always been attached to them. It wasn’t until after the Covid lockdown that she started running regularly in the mountains, but only for pleasure. She realized that she could compete at a professional level, so she decided to take a leap and run her first race in August 2021. Since then, she has fallen in love with trail running: from the adrenaline to the suffering, all the way to the enjoyment that comes with finishing. She says she just climbs until she can’t go any higher and then charges down as fast as she can. In running trail races, she has found the perfect combination of connecting to nature and embracing her competitive spirit.

Marianne Hogan is a professional Ultrarunner from Montreal, Qc. She has been on a roll in the last 12 months, clearly establishing herself as one of the best trail runners in the world. This summer, Marianne finished 3rd place at the Western States 100 mile before following that up with a 2nd place at UTMB. In doing so, Marianne became the first person to podium at both of the world’s most important 100 mile races in the same year since 2011 . But the most impressive thing about these performances, is that she had to overcome so much in order to be able to make it to the start line of the two biggest 100-mile races in the world. And if it wasn’t enough, she had to overcome another major injury in the last 40 kilometres of UTMB. She tore her psoas while in the lead of UTMB, and had to fight, and dig deep in order to reach the finish line and secure a spot on the podium with a huge smile on her face. She firmly believes a positive mindset can help you overcome any obstacle that life throws your way. 

Born and raised in the south of France, Mathieu is now a Canadian resident living in Montreal. He is an engineer who is passionate about activities in nature, adventures and big challenges. After several years of exploring the oceans as a diving instructor and enjoying the adrenaline rush from many sports like BMX, snowboarding and kite surfing, Mathieu got into running in 2014, shortly after settling in Quebec. In 2016, he discovered another passion for trail running and was instantly hooked. He was selected to participate in the Salomon Ultra Running Academy in March 2017, and took this opportunity to specialize in Ultra Trail. Determined, passionate and overflowing with energy, scuba diving and trail-running have broadened his horizons, allowing him to flourish in an authentic community and pushing him to question humans’ relationship with nature… He loves sharing his passions through stories about adventures and races, scuba-diving reports, as well as through photos, advice, conferences and coaching. He loves connecting to nature, from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the mountains.