Hailing from the dry slope and now a master of the streets, Will Smith has established himself as the rail rider to watch from the UK.

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Toni Kerkelä is known for his style and unique vision on how and where to ride his snowboard. With over a decade invested in filming video parts, Toni’s work-ethic and passion for snowboarding shine through season after season.

Often times emulated but never duplicated, Tommy’s style is a shining lighthouse in a rough storm. An animal in the streets and a champion on the ropes.

Quiet and humble, Seb lets his riding do the talking. With Louif as his mentor and Quebec City at his fingertips, Seb “Sickard” is a samurai in the streets, and an absolute treat to watch. Catch him and Lou in Hourglass, as well as his latest project, TOONIES.

Maybe it’s his height, maybe it’s the fact that he’s really good. Whatever it is, Riley makes the gnarliest spots look like a piece of cake.

Mountaineer, scholar, Freeride World Tour champion, and a ninja on the snowboard, Nils goes full mental with anything he puts his mind to.

Hans scratches his back with his snowboard while grabbing mid-flight, and he eats backcountry wedges for breakfast. A real mountain-man by our standards.

Big jumps, roof-drops, triple kinks – nothing is safe during a Hale storm.